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Wool & Silk Knotted Rugs

Yes, we do Wool & Silk Rugs! Lots of them! We will take exceptional care of your rug with our 'in-plant' rug washing service. No one in Southern Alberta has the specialty equipment and training in Persian Rugs like us! We take the responsibility of caring for family heirloom rugs very seriously! We are a WoolSafe Certified Rug Plant with WoolSafe Certified Technicians as well as IICRC / CleanTrust Certified in Oriental Rug Care. We are continuously upgrading our educations on Rugs! You certainly would not want someone who is untrained caring for these family heirloom rugs! They are not anything close to your standard installed carpet in your home, so why treat them the same?! We invite you to come see our facility if you doubt how serious we are about washing your fine oriental or antique rugs (appointment required).

Hand Knot Rugs might look like this: Inside they are made like this: On the back they look like this: On the back they do not look like this:
The front look can take on many designs or none at all. These are the 2 most common types of weaving knots used to make these rugs made by hand. Notice that every tiny box is not perfectly square or monotonous? When you have a hand knotted rug, it will have a imperfect looking reverse side of the rug. Notice very even continous or monotonous threads on the back running lengthwise. This is a characteristic of a machine made rug - click here if this is the rug you have.

Fine soils, sand, allergens, even sugar drink spills gets 'stuck' in the knots in the base of the rug.

However, in-home cleaning will never get these 'rug life shortening soils' out! (even professional truckmount systems cannot!) Here is why: (yes some soils will come out, just not ALL the soils in & around the knots)

Our processes include: (depending on the specifics of "your" rug)

Pre-Inspect - Assess to determine methods for best and safe cleaning results. Complete Dye Stability Testing to ensure colorfastness. 
Rug Dusting - We get out very fine sands & soils hidden deep in the pile & foundation yarn construction by harmonic vibrations and /or air dusting. We have 2 different methods for getting out gritty soils that certainly cause long term damage!
Vacuum - remaining surface dust   
Pre- Treat - Spotting and / or urine treatments need special attention before the rest of the processes are completed.
Apply Cleaning Agents - Products are specifically designed to your rug type and soil conditions as to start the wet side of remaining soil removal. We have dry cleaning methods too for rugs that cannot go through wet cleaning processes as well.  
Pre-Soak -  A 'wash pit' is used when needed. Soaking is for specific types of soil removal when required, most often urine removal.
We can clean select delicate antique rugs by hand cleaning. During Pre-inspection, we determine the methods we must use to ensure the saftey and structural integrity of the rug.
Agitate / Scrub - Releasing soils from deep within a rug using several different methods as dictated by your rug assessment.
Rinse Soil Away by Continuous River Wash - Copious amount of water flushed through the rug on a tilted floor as to create a river effect like washing in rivers of old.
Final Rinse and Spin Dry - once soils are loosened and washed away, then we extract waters with large centrifuge equipment adding more rinse water until rinse is clear water. This is amazing!  
Or, Rinse Soil Away - Sensitive structured rugs may have waters removed by extraction when rug construction will not allow river washing, gentler methods must be used.
Groom - to set pile rugs dry faster and look best when the pile of the rug is standing nice & tall  
Hang Dry - rugs are hung in our Dry Tower depending on their specific construction weave styles.
Stretch Dry - some rugs need to be stretched before they can get wet at all & need to remain being stretched out until they are dry.
Post- Treat - further spots there may be a spot that still needs further attention  
Fringe Detail Cleaning - when still needed following the wash.
Apply Protector and / or Moth Control - All wool & silk rugs benefit from protection! Better vacuuming results and more dirt is easier vacuumed away with fabric protection!
Final Inspection - for results that count!
Every rug like this needs rug pad for longer life! We have the best kinds available anywhere!
Roll / Package - for client pick up from our cleaning plant or for us to deliver.

 You can tell we are passionate about rugs! Call us now about your rug! 403 394 RUGS (7847) or email us your pictures of your rug

About SILK Rugs

Many clients believe they have a silk rug - because it is soft, because the salesman said so, because it was expensive. It has been our experience to date however that only 30% of those - actually have a silk rug. It is very very difficult for an inexperienced person to determine what a rug is made from if a label is not present! You may see the term ART-SILK, or FAUX-SILK on your rug label. This means it is a - silk look-a-like - fibre. Many of these will be Rayon / Viscose fibres. Mercerized cotton rugs are also exceptionally soft and expensive. Some real silk is very expensive and other real silk is not that expensive. Silk, nor any of the fibres mentioned in this paragraph are not a 'family proof' fibre. Silk & Cotton rugs can be excellent family heirlooms. Rayon / Viscose will not live too long in a heavy traffic area and are relatively inexpensive to replace. Regardless of what your rug is, you can be sure we will do awesome cleaning with all of these rugs. Be sure you know for sure what the rug is before you buy it so you know what you have to do to care for it! None of these rugs in this paragraph are for in the kitchen, or an active family room. Formal rooms are a great place to have these rugs!

Silk and its "Look-a-Likes" Characteristics How do I know for sure? "the Burn Test" - using a common cigarette lighter
Real Silk Often (but not always) very short pile height, very very fine yarn bundle and thickness of each strand. Very Shiny. Quite soft. Smells like burning hair!
Mercerized Cotton Very very soft. Not too fine of face yarn bundle. Usually a little thicker in pile height and medium density. Very Shiny. Burns like a piece of paper with glowing embers.
Wool Can be soft to moderately hard depending on the type of sheep it came from. Often not a fine fine face yarn, but a few are. Mostly dull, some shiny. Smells like burning hair!
Rayon / Viscose mostly short pile, very soft, when rolling - roll it & handle it for 1 minute, the core will spin out dramatically on 1 end - you will not be able to control it. Very fine yarn bundle size, very fine thickness of a strand. Very Shiny. As flame gets close to it, the fibre "runs" away an shrinks badly as it gets warm.
Acrylic Relatively thick bundle size, moderately soft, thicker strand thickness. Limited shine. after flame leaves, it sputters, then momentary black cloud.
Polyester Surface relatively hard to the touch, thicker bundle size and strand thickness. Moderately shiny - no more shine that polyester suits from the '60's! Rug plie gets dull in traffic areas permanently. after flame leaves, a momentary black smoke cloud appears.

How to tell the difference between real silk & wool? This is very very hard for non experienced people. Most wool rugs will be labelled wool as wool produced rugs are very proud that they are made from hard wearing wool! While many silk labelled rugs - are not real silk but are in fact - wanna-be's! And the challenges are many! We often over-paid for our non silk rugs when purchased what we thought was "silk". If considering buying a rug, we suggest wool over silk if this is to be a well used rug. Silk is much easier damaged compared to wool. Silk makes a fantastic art piece on a wall however. Silk, Wool & Mercerized cotton can all be made into a Hand Knot Rug & will be cleaned using the above techniques. Rayon / Viscose, Acrylic and Polyester will be machine made woven rugs mostly.

Concerns & Challenges - Wool & Silk Hand Knot Rugs

1. Some rug dyes are not stable. Either too much was put in the yarn in the first place, or improper dye setting materials used at time of manufacture mean colors can move around while wet or even dry. We have good answers to help these color movements. We guarantee our cleaning efforts, but cannot guarantee you own a well made rug to start with.

2. Some rugs are out of square. Generally speaking - these are fixable, but take more time therefore additional fees are present to repair.

3. Some rugs are well worn. In front of the favorite chair may have limited face yarn pile there, or even 'white knots' showing through from the foundation yarns in wear areas.

4. Some rugs are highly valuable. We clean rugs in the tens of thousand values already. Most often, very high end rugs are safer cleaning than moderate value rugs.